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Asha - Prayer for the world - text

I dreamed I saw her
An angel flying high
Above the lonely world
And she was crying
Her tears of sorrow fell into the sea
And she sang
This is my prayer for the world
A prayer of love for mother earth
And I pray her wounds shall heal
And hope is all I have

She became the ocean
And all at once I felt
The ocean in my heart
And then a mountain
And in that moment
I identified with her soul

I saw such skies
Inside her eyes
And... O
Every star that fell to shore
Became a lantern of love
On the ocean of all
You've dreamed of

She untied the darkness
I saw the universe
Inside an unseen hand
I gave her flowers
And every fragrant bloom
Became a simple truth
And she sang
This is my prayer for the world

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Video přidala veverka09

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