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Zero Zero - text


The car ground to a stand still
And the traffic stood in a line, far into the horizon
The red moon and the night, and the merry go round just rising into that horizon too
And it wouldn't stop maybe it wouldn't start, and I felt like I couldn't get enough
But it didn't matter
You know we're all going to heaven someday
But there is a place
There is a place
There is
On another horizon
Or is it
Or isn't it
No answers for you and me
All the traffic started to move
And the dusk was rising
Up into the horizon
A horizon
Or is it ours
Yes it's ours
From the silver shores in the heavenly skies
Its a river of beer meandering serenely
Across the wide waters rising high
Rising into the horizon
Deeper and higher
A little glowing snake getting hotter and hotter
Kindling kindling inside
Inside and outside
In a storm inside
The car ground to a stand still
And the traffic rolled into the horizon like heaven
Like heaven
Like heaven
Like heaven
Like heaven
Everything's all right tonight in heaven tonight
In heaven tonight
And the sea laps the shore
Like a river laps the shore
The road rises to houses on the horizon
And the stars struggle in the sky
To the silver shores of heaven
Shimmer amongst the moonlight clouds
And the silver shores of heaven
Die in my aching heart
And the world ends
And we dance
Beneath silver shores of heaven
Just unwise

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