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The Master Of Everything - text

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The moonlight hidden
By the cloud,
The lighting drawing
Patterns which
Are belong
Only to the nature
On the sky.
Chirping of cicadas hidden
Only by the most beautiful tones
Of the musical night.
Road in a darkness lit
By the light
Of unusual star shimmer lit
By the flashes of the lightning's
Transparent but impenetrable
Appearance of the fairy night,
Enraptures you.
Unsurpassed in comparable
With some
Sensation of lightness,
Filled by most
Innermost dreams
Revived by the ideas,
Flying forwards
The light breath
Of the wind
That is free like dreams,
Compared only
With the feeling of a flight.
You are master of everything,
Everything belong's to you.
Power over everything
What you see
And what you feel gives you,
Supremacy over the ubiquitous
And comprehensive
Power over everything - alive and lifeless,
But powerful which doesn't obey any human low.
You are the only master of everything.

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