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The Black Wandering Of Death (Vision 2) - text

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Fear stay in your eyes
You was unhappy, fighting with death.
And what Fear No ! Death No !
Will I die But why
To leave everything,
That was closed to you.
Now everything will be stoped.
I am not afraid of coming of the night,
But I wish the day will stay.
Eyes pray for escape
Why are these tears ?
They will never be seen.
But there is no you, already.
Is it all beauty of life ?
But now you are free.
Will be life. You can't.
Make or steal spaces.
They are in you.
You are that person here,
Who don t exist anywhere.
You are the master in the power of life,
In your power. Didn t you dream about it ?
You was banished by those,
For whom you believed, for whom you count to be
On your side.

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