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Oh, thou, that hath lingered beyond the ages
and the diverting theatres of time!
Oh thou, that hath imbrued in divinity,
richness and flawlessness!

Oh thou, great mother, bestowing and shining spark,
whose emitting current is penetrating
throughout our very souls ever since
our spirits have been directed
into the labile structures of Maya!

Set free your radiating currents of madness,
your limitless and seething breath,
like riven tongues leaping
from the seven headed hydra and
disruptive like the lightning of Lahamu!

Oh Tiamat, great Dragon Serpent,
shattering and persisting spirit,
fire of creation and destruction,
roaming amongst the ashes of the stars
and the remnants of the multiverse!

Appear within us!
Rise from beyond the opaque fog!
Upraise your flames amidst us!
Oh great Dragon of reversion!
Spirit of abrogation and transcendence!

We, wanderers on primeval paths, taken by your essence!
MUŠUŠŠU - Ferocious Serpent! ARISE!
We are the Dragons blood, bearing the key to the nightside!
UGALLU - Beastly Transgressor! ARISE!

We are bearers of the acausal flame,
that radiates from the heart of the void!
We evoke your fiery currents, come forth through
the veil of shadows and fulfill us
with your dark and eternal essence!
We offer you our flesh as a temple!

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