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I shall bring fire
as above, so below

red dust rises from the fields
with the winds comes the storm
shadows of flowers
mark the path
shadows of flowers
in twilight reborn

the crown of life
is stained with blood
gaze falling to the east
crushed by will
shattered to pieces
all that remains
is the silence of abel

where is the sheperd?
weaving the chain
where is the sheep?
wailing in vain
United in absence
united in death
there is a hole in the heart of the world
a heart has been made whole
Abraxas emanates in the red

the silence of abel
echoes through our veins
in the aeons that are forever gone
and in the days that are to come
the silence of abel
echoes in our dreams
in tortuous hallways of black glass
thy will be done

a man to fall
a king to rise
the splendour and the pain of the restless
our hearts shall find no peace in life
eternally dwelling in Nod
is the seed of those
who turned their face from god

at every dusk
with every heartbeat
when sanity fades with those winds
when we dwell in the shadows of those flowers
when love is but a word
when hearts beat lifeless
when silence reigns
we remember thy mark
inside and outside
towards the end
to the sole reign of death

by boundless will, with trident scars
we forge the misfortune of the world
From the inner, to the ending, to the sole reign of death

until we gather under your scarlet banner
from atop the highest dome
we shall call your name
to enter the abyss that is our home

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