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The Dark Tomb Shines - text


Dark the night
Senses lost
Leave no traces
I am not looking
For a way back to your home
For I shall return
To where the winds of Pazuzu roar

Dark the days
12 steps on the stars
That lead down
To a fall
And rise beyond
No way back

Ignite, night, and speak not words
Adorning monuments but echoes
That shall go astray
Within thy lonely halls

We are the dead of the world
Our hearts dwell joyfully
Beyond the light of the stars
While our feet
Will trample you world to dust

Ignite, night, thy roaring sky
Transcend and ascend
You are free now
Haunt the hearts

Dreams dwelling in an empty room
No door to enter and just a window to leave
On an empty field
The Luna on the grass

The tree of life is burning
The moth dances and forbodes
A secret death, a sacred death
This womb is turning
The broken vessel nourishes the ground
The temple where no flowers grow

Your light has left the world
To shine it`s rightfull place
Until the great day of our end
Wherever we may roam
Your dark tomb shines

The echo of crying gods resound
Rivers overflown
Your deathtoll to complete the sin
Soil parted from the sky
As the dragon mother`s kin

Take no breath and fly

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