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Death - Primordial
Thou ending of all longing
Shivering stars flee your shadow
Shapeless wings - come roaring

Nothingness - immaculate
The longing for the end
In the shadow of thy might
Our vessels stand

Souls of old
Mortui Mundi
From void to void
Like cherubim
We shall guard our Eden

Lucifer - highest descend
Black star, unravel - transcend
Light of our world
Ignis divinus serpentis

Gather now
In secret places
With secret tongues
Thou shalt lick the flame
Embrace the night and hold the sigils
In a dream within a dream
The vessels may be parted
The hearts are the same

Amen, cursed be the ones
Without the eyes to see
But more so the one-eyed icons
That bear false witness of our god
Bring us their heads
Bring us their hearts
Bring us their wife and child
Lingering at the threshold
In the mirror of the night

I will pursue the enemy
And crush him to the ground
And make him dwell in the darkness
Like those long dead

Nothingness - immaculate
Even the stars are trembling
In the shadow we shall stand
Our vessels ascending

Souls of old
Mortui Mundi
From void to void
With flaming swords
We shall guard our Eden

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The Dead Of The World

Ascension (GER) texty

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