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Asleep...Awake, my heart

Reflection, aware of the necessity to slay the sibling
Teach me the failure of lower two
Sow and reap unity in my heart
As I shall become one in thee.

Rebellion, no heart beats in my chest.
Rise above earthly contraries and broken mirrors.
Rod of equilibrium, born of yourself.
Suspended in chains.
Conjunction, a heart beats not in my chest.

As the wise mistaker spoke.
There is only light in darkness.
As I wander down the darkest valleys,
no shadow may cast on me.
A world released of vileness and compassion,
Down in the core of light.
A word released of chains and contradiction,
Down in the core of light.

As the serpent passed the chalice of faith,
I may be released from starvation.
As I wandered along the rivers of truth,
I distinguished they never could stay still.

And god never spoke of peace
Knight under the banner of mixed blessing,
March, stumble, release yourself from this soul.
O Heroine, dressed in white and red,
O Heroine, slay the unjudged.

O angel of the burning sun.
In maternal love.
Lactating, spilleth simmering tardrops down on me.
Searing, sealing my lips and aflameth my tongue.
Thou art sky, concede me to ascend.
I cut this silent oath of love out of trembling flesh.

Consolamentum, nourished by fire a heart is pure.
Sired of ash a soul will live.
Let me see what they see not,
Visions clearly while eyes rot.
A gracious star fell burning from the sky,
O timeless king, you teached me how to die

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