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My hunger in the morning is adjusting fairly well
I’m eating raisins one by one
You were gonna pick me up and drive me to school
But I can barely look in your eyes
Am I crazy?

I’m never tired in the evening when I try to sleep
I hum the lullaby you wrote for me
My dreams are always restless
The nightmares come and go
But I don’t mind them as long you’re in them
I welcome you in silky skin
As your prey
Your prey

I search in trees and bushes
For the creep I’m bound to be
Maybe with claws I’d be happy
And when the echoes haunt me
I hunt the grizzly bears
And you are in my head shouting

I have sent a hundred ladybirds
Why does it take so long?
Your trail of blood has left me wild

My prey
My prey

I hum the lullaby
I hum the lullaby
I hum the lullaby
I hum

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