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Brotherhood - text


Walking baby steps in the gardens of my childhood
Dinosaurs on the floor, dear to my mother
Early morning on the countryside, crawl out of bed
Breathless in the bathroom, guilty pleasure

Stop being so fucking polite, I know you were raised
To be raw cause I know you're just like your father
There are a lot of bad seeds in this black sheep family
But blackest of all is the baby boy in the crib

Let's take care of that old birch in our brotherhood
Let's take care of that good old tree
It's made of you and me

And I will try to be good, as good as I can
I will do all my best to be a brave little man
But when it all comes down, I guess I have to say

I'm not like my brothers
I'm not like my brothers

My mother told me I was sensitive as a kid
Don't deny my kiss, I'm on my best behavior
And on my darker days, I had a friend called Tigermouse
Deep black eyes and silent therapy

And he would calm me down, as calm as I could be
Cause crazy kids tend to have a lively fantasy
Including vivid dreams, he would watch over me

Cause me and Tigermouse we don't like bats and balls
We only watch from our room screaming when they fall
My fearless brothers on the fields outside our doors

I'm not like my brothers
I'm not like my brothers
I'm not like my brothers
I'm not like my brothers

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