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The Final Constelation - text

Cosmic spheres beyond all human reason
Wander through the nightsky
Make the darkness wither
Drown the night into bright light

The final constellation
In a night as bright as day
Cold and deadly splendour
Blinds our eyes and grabs our lives

As the stars have wandered
To their final position in this night
Angels lose their wings and fall to earth
And their blood drips from the sky
When all the plantes now have gathered
To open the doors from beyond
The final constellation introduces
The beginning of the dawn of the end

As time went by the seven seas have turned from blue to grey
Where once where flowers now is ashes, death, waste and decay

All the gates of Hades now have opened
The ancient ones return
The earth is drowned in hellish fire
There is nothing left to burn

Text přidal roman59

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