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The Eyes Of The Dead - text

Watching with pride this once so beautiful scenery, silently, eternally
Reminding of times before warmth and light
Were violently swept away, a path of decay

Azagthoth rising - desolation

The creeping chaos no longer sleeping in the dark
Once again haunting the scene
Destructive forces, a beginning, an end
The source of life - doomed to die again
A trip through the darkest void

Yog-Sothoth rising - annihilation

Crawling mayhem, feeding the spawn, breeding the seeds of fate
The ancient ones return tot his world
The circle closes, a prophecy fulfilled
Embraced by the dark on wings of death
A journey to the other side

Kthulhu rising - 666

Through the eyes of the dead we're watching the scenery, silently, endlessly
As the memories of warmth and light slowly started to fade away

Now as we've finally died
We leave our bodies behind
And with joy and delight
We travel through time

Now as we've finally died
We're at one with the night
In blasphemic delight
We sweep through the sky

We're riding through dimensions, watching the worlds with the eyes of the dead

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