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Summon The Northern Wind - text

Northwind... rage in the fields
Spread your cold seed through the land
Blow to the moon
Storm through the eternal warmth in the desert sand
Norhtwind... erase all that was
Gather the angels of frost
Clear up the sky
Blast throught the blackened horizon

Awake from timeless slumber
Breed the spawn of frost
Give silence to the nights
Embrace the dying sun that descends to the ground
And darkness will reign supreme for all eternity

Storm of the north
Unveil the ancient coldness

Northwind... send blizzards to the earth
For desolation is the dawn of the new world
Northwind... into your hands I give my life, my soul

All light has disappeard
No warmth spread by the frozen sun
A new existence takes its toll
Eternal winter will unfold

Text přidal roman59

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