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Medieval Submission - text

Medieval times - ages of torture
Pestilence and death
Ruled by religion and pain
By the madness of man
Whiplashes make the day of millions
Driven by power, greed and believe
The priests misuse their might
Enslaving the entire human race
Erasing their will to make the earth their own

Torment and agony are the law of this world
In sinister, brutal times for many centuries
Keeping the people stupid with a fairytale of a god
That should have created everything
A tale about heaven and hell for everybody to obey

Preaching a life in poverty
Filling their own hands with gold and wealth
Promises of joy after death
A world of grace after horrible life
Suppressing the people with punishment by torturing
If you won't follow you will burn on the stake

Religion - the golden rule
Obey this law and pray or die in hell
Divine submission, oppression
A chapter of dictation, forever there

Text přidal roman59

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