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Blood For The Cross - text

Innocent people die in the shade of the holy cross
Slaughtered like cattle in the name of god
Redhaired women - burned alive on stakes
Some others were cut off their arms and legs

A Thousand christian invaders call to a worldwide massacre
Thousand of pagans perish in torment, bleed for their different believe

Dismembered - cut to slices
Mutilated - ripped to pieces of meat
Tortured with inhuman violence
And horrible pain
Crucified - slashed from ass to face

Millions of pagans have died
The war is lost, the blood is spilled
Eclipsing the human life
Soon'll be complete, the people are killed
Christian soldiers storming the land
Hate, torment and death is at hand
Broken bones, stench of decay
The end of the pagans is coming our way

Inquisition, a scream "believe or die"
Mass climination for religion based on fear
Mangled corpses drown the plain in blood
What kind of god would lead its slaves
To such a "deed"?

Text přidal roman59

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