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Beyond the Bonds of Time - text

Fly straight across the universe, through space and timelessness
Among the galaxies, reach beyond the stars
A million planets circle 'round the distant suns
A voyage through the void, a step into the emptiness to break the bonds of time
Into the nothingness

Free from mortality, spit in the face of death
Leave flesh and blood behind and face the utter dark
The comets that once did bring water to the Earth
Will be the guide and guardian to another realm
Beyond of what you used to call reality

Beyond all boundaries
Drifting through unknown dimensions
Beyond the bonds of time... drifting... fleeting... unknown

When cosmic rays surround you
And stardust cleans your filthy soul
Perpetually this new existence will unfold
Trapped between the words between the spheres
In purgatory you will dwell... eternally

Earthly life has passed away but still you'll never rest
No pain, no joy nor grief, all feelings left aside
Immortality - a nightmare has turned real
An undead shadow now you are
Beyond the bonds of time, a point of no return
Deep in the emptiness

Text přidal roman59

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