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At Night They Fly - text

The sun appears into the horizon grey
And the moon begins to glow high above the sky
In the beauty of the darkness between gathering clouds
In the absence of the light in the glorious night

Great black forests surround the throne of the almighty dark
Howling wolves conjure the creatures of the night... celebrate

Golden arrows rain from above
Ripping the dustclouds apart
Spreading an inferno of flames
Over the withering flowers

Shadows rise from the ashes of their burnt burial ground
Leaving their tombs behind, embracing the night
Into the skies they wander, this night they live again
Hidden in the dark protected from the sun

At night they fly, at dawn they die

Behind the warmth of the day, behind the faded light
In darkened powers they reign in the realm of the dead
Where demons spread their wings and cross the ancient sky
And the shadows int he nightsky stare dismal unto the Earth

Awaiting the morning light to die
At night they fly, at dawn they die

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