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Mad Man (feat. Playboi Carti) - text

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Whatchu know man it's A$AP, nigga
It's ASAP nigga stop all that goofy shit
Nigga, fuck yo squad nigga
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Spent 50k on the Rollie
She brought it and my bitch broke it
She sayin' she ain't even notice
But her pussy wet like the ocean
(Swim, swim, swim)
(Margiela, Mad Man!)
Master Bruce, yeah I'm the coldest
Master Bruce, yeah I'm the coldest
Margiela and that Rick Owens
I'm fucking her friend and she know it
Margiela, mad
My jewelry stone cold like Steve Austin
Don't care for no bitch we just toss 'em
Millionaire, still live in Harlem
(Uh, yeah)
There in your hood
Riding up to a bodega
Fergie 'gone blow like Omega
This ain't no game, like ain't no SEGA
Even though that beef old I don't care
I will not fuck with the Raiders
Second deal out with Adidas
Fergie done got him a sneaker
Making a bitch sing like Aretha
I'm fucking your bitch when you eat her
You cuffing that bitch like you need her
Yamborghini with Aaliyah
Rest in peace until I see ya
(Margiela, mad... man!)
Yuh, yuh, yuh
Poppin' these pills in my coupe
I'm on the roof, move like I'm Batman
Um, damn, what
Margiela madman
(Margiela, mad!)
Ooh, ooh, ooh
These niggas they stealing my flow, talking bout huh [?]
I'm stealing your hoe
Take her to the pad
She getting lit, she tryna suck on the dick
She wanna suck on this dick, suck like a tick
Suck like a tick, suck on this shit
Give her to clique
Give em the clip
Get on your knees, pray for the dick
Pray for this shit, pray for the clique, pray for my niggas
I got my hand on the trigger, I got my hand on her pussy
All of these niggas they pussy
He run away like a wuss
I got the paper like books
I can't pull up bitch I'm booked
Walked in that bitch and the bitches they looked
All of these niggas, these niggas they shook
29 hop on the tour, watch this lil boss while I make a lil call
Nigga, fuck yo squad
A$AP nigga

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