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Jolly (feat. Bunji Garlin and Spice) - text

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This is for the real hood niggas in a bandana
Hold on, I might ful dat.
We bad gurl no need a partial we too used to steel with the best genital, unique motherfucker ain’t nothin normal, pootie pie lil' boy test your potential
It’s a ring
It’s a ring
A little Fergenstein with a little Shabba Ranks
I train a Jamaican girl that love the Cuban links
Got ‘em wining like Lil Kim in bikini minks
No limit soldier with a bunch of little tanks
Hit him where it hurt, make a nigga feel the pain
Blood stain of what remains for two gold chains
White dude, little guns, white cocaine
Rari and Jaguar take up four lanes
Out with window like, nigga money ain’t a thing
Bitches on my dick so I let the ho’s swing
Put my thumb in her butt like like I'm fucking bowling
Couple bad ho’s I’ll be free falling
Don't smoke now cause its too potent
Most I do is a little codeine
Couple jolly ranchers pouring
Couple jolly ranchers
Hood nigga in a bandana
Out in Trinidad with a bad ho
Back it up unless I push it like a trolly
She a black barbie doll, big dick [?]
So I’m goin lick the lolly and I’m stomping out the alley
But the boy can’t plea em like I’m on a pilot
Couple jolly ranchers, watch me do my thing
Hood niggas in a bandana wanna be my king
Madame of the club [?]
This’ll drive ya crazy, I’m a one night fling
Give it to ya once I know you’re gonna reminisce
Tell me if ya like this go ahead give it a kiss
Body perfect, it’s up there by the A-list
Spice, Bunji, A$AP Ferg, rock for this
Couple jolly ranchers
Hood nigga in a bandana

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