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Yeah, ASAP
Talk to me nice or don't talk to me at all
[A$AP Ferg]
To the nigga wearin' suede in the rain
Pretty bitch in the Benz give me brain
Lick lick with the sick gold fangs
She lick that dick till the tip color change
Kill a filth one clip in his brain
Let it drip like my dick on a dame
Feel the pain three bullets in the range
Never single ??? in a grave
Wanna mingle no words to exchange
Money make her cum so it's Benjamin Frank-
Lenses, Medusa to shades
Versace, my suit tailor made
Your hottie in the coupe gettin' laid
And you're probably in the club gettin' played
No bitches, you gets no play
And my bitch K.O. your bitch O.K
Ridin' in the streets and we so live
Ridin' in the streets and we so live
Ridin' in the streets and we so live
Gettin' loud, gettin' live
Uh, ridin' in the streets and we so live
I be ridin' in the streets, we'll be so vile
I be ridin' in the streets speaking so loud
Young Trap Lord, dime of the purp
Ride or die boy, nigga get murk
Pull a nine boy, he'll sleep in the dirt
Makin' the hoes sleep in the earth
She feel on my clothes, lifting her skirt
Say she love coke, sniffin' the work
Semi-auto Tec, guns gon' flirt
Bang, bang, let a one squirt
Givenchy my body, Ksubi my colleagues
Versace, my eyelids, Yves Saint-Laurent me
Twelvyy in huaraches, and Margiela on Rocky
Yohji Yamamoto for Ty Nast and Ty Beats
Fuck bitches that's on me, wack bitches move kindly
Last niggas of a dying breed, yeah me, myself, and Irene
Nigga hear them sirens when that four-fif' and that nine squeeze
China bitch sip sake, while I chop that ass with that Tommy
Ridin' in the streets, uh
So I'm ridin' in the streets
On the block, them killas ridin' with the heat
My niggas ride for the streets
And I'll be ridin' with my team, yeah
Always drivin' prosper A.S.A.P
Know it's me, F.E.R.G
T.A., bitch

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