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As the Earth opened and swallowed her body
As the sky came down and hid my tears
As my soul turned black and darkness swallowed me
As the red leaves fell to the cold, wet ground
The ghost of her memory
In all that I see
I gaze into the water
I can almost reach her hand
When my fingers touch the surface
and her face disappears
All that remains are the waves
Crashing against the shore
As daylight fled and night came to be
As the moon awoke and lit the pale stone
As my cries were lost, amidst the screaming wind
As the vision of her leaving, haunted my dreams
As the days went by and the leaves joined the earth
As the autumn departed and brought the cold of winter
A life once lived, a life that was lost
Like all on this Earth that come to an end
They wither and die... so too did we

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