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How does it feel? Why have you done this?
Don't bother running back to me.
All you'll find is a result of your negligence.
All those nights I wasted on you, I could have saved myself.
Your selfishness will curse you more than you could ever bear.
I'll turn a cold shoulder on your suffering,
And you'll finally see just what you did to me.
You'll find yourself alone six feet in a grave.
The only thought I'll save of you is the moment your chest caved.
How does it feel?
I can see you slipping away,
And I just can't hold onto this any longer.
And I'm sorry, but it's got to be this way.
This is the end of our story.
Let's go back to the way it used to be,
Even though you were never there for me.
And maybe this was all a big mistake.
And maybe, just maybe this is more than I can take.
And maybe I'm crazy, I'm crazy.
Don't call on me cause I won't be there when you hit the bottom.
I hope that soon you will realize
That all this time I spent trying to make this work out
But you have always pushed me away.
Now I am done with this grief you have put me through.
It's time I show you what you've done to me.

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