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A thousand millions of beings
Will come from underworld
The world will be decaying in rottness
Human being will be in extinction
They won't exist anymore
Only Merlin and the wizards will see the final days
Gnomes and smurfs will be hidden in their mushrooms
There will be no place to hide, we'll have no escape
Intense devastation will destroy all nature
Milkway will be destroyed in apocalypse
Why are you scared, you are gonna die
And be buried by bears in an iced grave
Where not even seals stay alive
Men provoked nature
With war, devastation, destruction and mediocrity
Men are irrational, men are murderers
At last they'll be dead
Now you're scared, You want to go home
You haven't a home anymore, Nothing makes sense
You don't make sense
Why do you have to exist?
Why are you alive?

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Fierce Everlasting Tempest


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