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Sky Is Falling - text

The sky is falling, take me out
You should know, before it comes
That the sky grey, no matter what they say
They just dont care, no matter who is there

Take me out 5x

I was born in the age of money,
where the banks are rulers and you know what is funny?
They had made so much money,
but they still want more,
and the biggest storm, is now having clear form,
the biggest transform of richness in human history
will divide us
be prepared

The sky is falling, take me out
You should catch it and right now
Debt gonna fall, on our heads
So build a wall, we arent slaves

Of the banks 5x

We´ve had it so long and now,
we can think about,
about new kind of the bank,
what do you think?

Change it now!
Brake it now!
We can stop it now, yeah!

Text přidala DolaineSee

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