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And so the story begins
Two lovers intertwine and separate
"How long will the avalanche bury the leaves?
Autumn was the only one who couldn't leave me"

Fortune Teller said

"I am not the one you're afraid of
Look into the orb and find time has left you
Decide if you believe what I have told you"

And so it comes to an end
Two lovers will divide and yearn precedence

It spins a web entrapping your soul, despite belief

"Stay my other! Please stay
My dearest you will die"

"How long will the avalanche bury my dreams?
Am I not the only one whose suffering?"

Fame won't bring you life
Freeze, stand there, or dance around the sun
Fame will have you westing further from the east in us

It spins a web entrapping your soul, despite belief

"My seeds will never see the roots that conjured their souls xylem and all

Once the curtain drops, no one's left to say the intermission's redux

Buried in earth
Tranced by the audience who won't pay their respects to me"

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