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Here comes the rain
Falling down like ecstasy
I feel your pain
Raining now inside of me
Far from where we're going
Away from where we've been
Everything we lost out here
One day must be lost again [2x]
The moon will rise
Worship lonely astronauts
To our surprise
We can never get the light we lost
With the weight of our emotions
Which are gone before they end
Are they here just to remind us
Of everything we've lost again
Everything we've lost again
When you cry your eyes are hollow [4x]
Send out the probe
To help us find eternity
It won't return
Or no one will be left to see
The stars are in their solitudes
The light it comes from them
By the time it hits our open eyes
All of it is lost again [2x]
We disappear
Into one another's mind
And reappear
With faith in something new to find
We are resurrecting our history so thin
With graduatin' needs to fill
The love we'll only lose again [2x]
When you cry your eyes are hollow [4x]

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