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Look, try and ascertain this
Swim around in circles, do the same shit
Welcome to my circus, to my slaveship
I'm a servant to the devil, to my payslip
Everybody's telling me to smile more
Preaching politics, fuck 'em, I'll be Guy Fawkes
Racking up the haters, man I need 'em, give me five more
At least I know I'm winning, I'm on fine form
See I don't give a fuck if they don't like me
I'm a motherfucking King and they should knight me
You don't like my fuckin' arrogance, fight me
I'll knock your head off your neck before my flight leaves
Where am I going to?
Places rolling into one
I'm an Orca encapsulated, I'm Tilikum
I need to skill up and chill out and put J Dilla on
I'm close to breaking and killing now that my kin is gone
They're all gone
It's just me
They're all gone
It's just me
Can't you see why I could snap?
Look, I'm amazing at my job, that is gospel, that's a fact
But there's some people skills I obviously lack
I'm a wild killer, push me bro, I'm warning ya
You're gonna wish you never touched me when I'm flooring ya
I'll sink my jaws into your neck and ring the coroner
For puttin' my ass on stage up every night
Coz I make more than ya
All the world's a stage, I'm in the largest fuckin' cell
I make millions, but I ain't rockin' like I felt
I'm down at SeaWorld
Somebody's ladder fell
If you don't save a killer whale i'll stomp your heart [?]
In the wild I never hurt nobody
Still you slap me down take [?] from me
Could've purged on that body, got the thirst for the blood
Get the fuck up out my face or I will murder somebody
There all gone
Its just me
There all gone
It's just me

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All The World's a Stage (mixtape)

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