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Lights on the ground, shining high
Make me feel uptight
Driving so fast, damned so fast
Adrenaline's in my head

Thinking about you, I feel confused
Crying out my pain
Now tell me what's the secret of the night

Strive I feel in trouble tonight
Strive earth is shaking through spine
Strive I'm on a point of no return, no!

You live until another day
You run until the reach for the edge
Don't you try to get a rest today
The things you have done
Will drive you to a world of insanity

Lights on the ground, raging high
Make me rule the night
I'm driving too fast and never rest
This is a bloody hell

Now tell what you want, 'cause I don't care
The struggle never ends
I'll tell you what's the secret of tonight

See my eyes, that money cannot buy
Pay your price, and eave this world of lies

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Black Society

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