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That`s an illusion
Freedom for all
But it`s a temptation
To die for them all
No fear of the slaughter
We are the wall
Where they find their final
Beat them up hard
We`re rolling
Fight for what we believe
With honour
And with all might
In deep desperation
We hold up our hearts
It`s our decision
Stand here as one
Armed to fight here
A battle of right
And we care
Stand here with pride
One man in front of a hundred and more
There`s a difference in their foundation
To fight for home and ones native country
May be it`s a kind of desperation
No one is alone out here
We stand back to back
Hold our swords against the reds
Scream out to the war
This is a
Kind of a
With victory
We`ll fight for
We live for
We`ll stand for

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