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Your Back Is Gently Breaking - text


And at the end of fear, oblivion.
The heart stops beating, as blood fills up your body.

Your broken back is gently healing from the soft pavement.
The fingers that were once embedded deeply in the concrete are now moving freely. The skin tightens softly around the body that once was lost but now is found.
Your face slowly reassembles with such beauty.

Shattered pieces are realigned with such precision.
Your once empty lungs are now filled with air.
The calm feeling is turned into panic as you fall towards the sun.
You are standing all alone in this world where you have never felt at home.

Your breathing is starting to slow down, as wind leaves your face. Hopelessness is retracting from this mind where death was frightening. Sadness is turned into anger, as anger falls into denial.
Your screams for help are silenced as they return to the weakened lungs of your body.

The skin closes, while the knife descends into blackness.
Frustration turns into joy. As abandonment turns into safety.
You feel joy for the last time.
Hidden safely inside your mother. You rest.

Your thoughts were sent into oblivion, from this mind where death
was frightening.

Your back is gently breaking, Your back is gently breaking
Please come back. Please come back, Please come back...

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