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You used to wear the crown, but you have put it down.
Look at your kingdom. It is nothing but ruins of an old past.

Kneel before the Queen. Kneel before the Queen.

The memories are so fragile and old they could crack at anytime.
But there is no-one left to remember them, for everything must die sometime.
You have left your home, now someone else sits at your crooked throne. You are to old to be remembered, what was once all people knew, quickly turned to myth.
Kneel before the Queen. Kneel before the Queen.

Children lay dead in the streets as whores
and crooked men trample them down with heavy feet.

For fear will never leave this place when you're away.
For Men will never change how they behave.

Kneel before the Queen. Kneel before the Queen.

She will make this her home again, by gods hand I promise you she will.
For never has the daughter of Eve ever fallen to her knees.
For never will this Queen fall to her knees for the greed of men that steals.
Never will she become anything like you.

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