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How can you stand this mortification of the flesh?
For your God you have given every piece of you there is left.
Led into this world to forsake your sons, leading your people from a Throne that should burden none.

Yet you are King or Kings, that have been sent by Heaven. Sent to keep these people of deceit to fall on their hands and knees.

Kneel before the King, Before you feel these hand's might.

Kneel before the King, As he commands you to...

Kneel before the King, As you march into sacred land.

Kneel before the King, Bow down.

A King with this crooked nose, sits on his crooked Throne. Awaiting to condemn the foes of the crown.
With this crooked crown he smiles down, upon these people who brought him into this war.
For he will destroy everyone, by God's hand, I promise you he will. For never has the Son of David ever fallen to his knees.
Never will this man fall to his knees, for the people he leads. For never will this man be anything like you.

So send me into this war, I shall die serving you.

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