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Tic, tock,
Can you hear that?
Can you my love?
Take this crooked hand, I am a faithless man.
Take this fucking hand!

Heave-Ho, this burden. Heave-Ho, is not yours to bare

In this empty shell of a man, lies nothing but pain.
Nothing else than self hatred for this oblivious world.

I am the one...
I am the world, I am every women and child that has ever died due to evil men.
I am the one, who fights with the devil, but the devil does not fight fair.

For every woman and every child that I have died for over the years.
Laying on top of them, trying to protect them from the bullets that fly everywhere...

But I am just an empty vessel. I am the afterbirth of a whore screaming in pain in an alley where her bastard child is born.
But just take this hand, and you will be saved, I will give you everything, but there is no one there...

Can you hear that? Can you my love? Can you hear them sing?

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Verisimilitude & The Second Estate

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