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Fresh air slips out of my lungs way too fast,
The breaths are getting smaller by each time. The drugs are slowing me down.
I really can't think as fast anymore.
I am afraid all the time and panic is always at my front door.

You once told me;
“I know it hurts like fuck, but I hope you well enjoy it.” You took my virginity.
You were my first and you will be my last,
I can do nothing but thank you for all that you have done.

No-one can take away what you are.
There were so many things I feel that I should have said.

But God has taken that away from me, he's left me for dead.
I hope that you will read this, and I hope that you will understand.
I did everything to fight this cancer, but everyone needs to die.
I am so sorry for leaving you all alone,
please don't be angry with me when I am dead and gone.

I am so afraid of dying. The pain has been going on for far too long.
I can almost hear them screaming my name from above.

I still Love you

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Verisimilitude & The Second Estate

Art Far Away texty

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