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Oh Alice, there is an evil smile that glows up in the dark. As soon as it came, it was lost again.
Awaiting in the shadows, it shall be recalled. Where the scent yet still lingers, like a memory, fragile and old.
But you cannot remember, you cannot see, for where life has no meaning. The shots that never healed.

In this haste, a friend, so familiar, yet never seen before.
He awaits in time, where nothing has been done anymore.

In this distance, you can hear the laughter of a thousand sons.
Their maddening screams for someone to come.

Please join them, drink up their tea; for their poison will spread, like a cancer; you will never be healed.
The mad hatter, crooked hat, gazes upon your skin.
Blood rushes, pain trembles, with mad eyes he sees: This ballerina, a virgin sent by the courts. So innocent, and so precious, she must be protected, by the darkness that encloses by the minute. But there is no time.

I could have awaken you from this dream. But I am not there,
I was never real.
Alice, you fell, down into the blackness, I will never bring you back.

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Verisimilitude & The Second Estate

Art Far Away texty

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