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You just have to know of me - text


The strength of your voice
ain't always the strongest of all
affect from the silence
can bring down your troubles
once and once

The taste of your voice
reveals what before was unknown
but silence, sweet silence
no one will know you're at home

I run and I hide,
but never has fear crossed my mind
with my eyes on the line
guarding what I care for the most

I'll write on my papers
my presence, what I want
greet those of my closest
I ran into on the road
Though I hide, I'm not vanished,
'least I try
don't forget me, my closest
I will find you in time

Driven by hatred,
hatred that no one deserves
'cause they glitter like the ravens,
to the people who perform
with their pearls

Sinking deeper and deeper
with the price in the palm of my hand
plead to my closest
I will not arrive on demand

These lies meet the truth
this waiting I'll do
desire so true
this waiting I'll do

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