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Gnosis of Prometheus - text


Wings of fire
Through the endless seas
That's what they've done to me
God's desire is for me to flee
And heal my soul from pain
Finally, I endured the pain although
The blood ran free
Eaten slowly by a vicious bird
For life eternally

Feel sad with the tears of the angels
We've counting the years of the sun
Alone, we're the sons of forever
And the night will take our soul to He
That will lead us all eternally
I'm gazing the life of heroes
They're sailing to the unknown
Alone we're the sons of forever
Take the gnosis of Prometheus,
Gnosis of prometheus

On the rock, I have seen
The lives of heroes and decay
Out of reach from the world
I long for rain
to wash my wounds from pain

Tormentor, betrayer and soul collector
Inventor, protector,
Don't pray to the man deceptor
Malefactor, reactor, deceiver,
Uproarious actor
Affector, affector,
Well here comes your flesh dissector

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