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The Truth Always Hurts - text

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Yes you should have seen her face
Straight out of Peyton Place
Pseudo movie star
Total disgrace
Beggin' on her hands and knees
Won't you just love me please
I've got my life to lead
Lead yours as well
Beautiful home
White picket fence
The pain starts When the Quaalude ends
Learn to pacify
Then you justify
Never satisfied
The truth always hurts
Well I woke up in heavy sweat
The sheets stretched I was soaking wet
A light bulb in my sleep
Went off in my head
Two places at one time
Can't be done by mankind
I hate to say I'm feeling confined
From the top of the world to a sunken ship
No in between
Karma sure can be a frazzled trip
Learn to testify
Can't be rectified
Ain't no lullaby
The truth always hurts
Learn to pacify
Learn to qualify A
lways mortified
The truth always hurts
Bet your ass
One day you're king of the world
Indestructible T
hen you're knocked off your pedestal
Just been crucified
Harmed and horrified
Ain't no alibi
The truth always hurts
Time to occupy
Simply no deny
Better say goodbye
The truth always hurts
Learn to pacify
They you justify
Never satisfied
The truth always hurts
The story goes on and on and on
Somebody else will be a victim
The ends is here
It's a fact of life
The truth always hurts

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