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There's an open door
Callin' to me
I just can't ignore
Wakin' up
I realize
Bars of steel to keep me inside
Justice has done me wrong
Guilty for crime
Will age me so long
Understand that it's more than too late
Where's the lucky dog
Who used me for the bait
I'm falling over the edge
Yeah, I guess he was pretty smart
Left me in the street with my gun in the dark
Murder, well I tried to prevent
Instead up the river is how my time is spent
I think I'm over the edge
I've been doin' time
Tired of doin' time
Over the edge
I can't take more of this cell
So don't be alarmed
When you hear this prisoner yell
Far away
Far away
Never too far away
From the truth
But where's the fairness
What's a harmless man to do
But see it through
Though I'm trapped in this death bringing doom
Words of hope
There ain't no place
For this forgotten face
I take my chances
Now I know I'm over the edge
Over the edge
Get me out
Get me out
Over the edge
I'm tired
Over the edge

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