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Devastated in the land
Devastated in the land
Devastated in the land
Where I hold my daughters hand
Man I really hate it
Boy I really hate it
No fanfare required
Upright man your starting to tire

Some folks know what I mean
Cause they're turning blue white turning green

The race to find space and oil
Is gaining ground gaining ground
Human race may come to a boil
Come on jump in the pot

We are wreaking havoc
Completely wreaking havoc
Yes we're wreaking havoc
Like a cheap shot at the back
Really is pathetic
Utterly pathetic
Coming full circle now
Close the curtains don't take a bow

Some folks know what I mean
And this can of worms is opening

The race to find space to breathe
Is harder now, harder now
Human race you make me grieve
For the things that you do

Some freaks don't give a damn
And they are the ones threatening man

The race to portray yourself as somebody who cares
Separates yourself from someone who's willing to dare
To race to embrace a kiss
Is what we need what I need
Human race you'll get through this
You always do

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La Raza

Armored Saint texty

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