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The wind
The war
I'm burning out
Is this the end
The bombs are raining hell
I see
the real me
Floating out to space
Blown to bits
Where's the human race
Well it's immortal right
But I'll give it a try
As they fly through the air
Doubters beware
My home
A blissful place
Stuck in this silo
I live alone
Make the best of what i own
Gold key
Ready to kindle the globe
Please lay these arms to rest
My will is running low
Well it's immortal right
But I gave it a try
While the faces stare
At the hideous glare
Better turn and run
I've unleashed the sun
You say you wanted it done
I'm the man to count on
I'm in the hole for life
These subtle words fit right
Lord knows man needs a vice
On my knees in pain

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