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Inner Slaves - text


Sidelined we are sailing
Beside our fears we are living
Can you hear this monster growing inside your head?

I won't lead the mass disorder before I get the control of minds
On the land of no return they're coming to bind these souls
Eternal vows
They overcome reasoning faculties
I won't decide to release my puppets instead I choose to see
If you say I'm ruthless
I say choose to be

Sidelined we are sailing
Beside our fears we are living
Can you feel this monster growing?
Hear the voice of your serenity

Words redefined
History falsified
Towards slavery
Relentless slavery

Hear the chaos crawling
Has this tragedy reached your ears?
We'll witness the result of our deeds
Let it be decided who is to blame

Hear the chaos crawling
Feel this monster growing
Infamous lies in your ear
These sweet words your hunger wants to equate

[Arabic singing]

What we've become
Our inner slaves with hate and pride
Sense your thoughts fading away
Slowly drowning into hate

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