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Tears fall from the jester's eyes
No sound as the old man dies
Gather round on scared ground
The king has gone
Trumpets sound from the castle walls
There's no sun, a hard rain falls
Men where killed and blood was spilled
In the days of the knights
Hot steel; burning oil
Brave men defended their soil
Children cried while fathers died
The law of the land
Rejoice now the battle is won
All rise for the king his son
Times were rough but the men were tough
In the days of knights
She's charmed by a magic smell
In a place where the spirits dwell
The knight will ride and the stars will guide
To the princess bride
On his quest for the demon land
The wizards dies by the hero's hand
Evil rules in the eyes of the fools
In the days of the knights

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Pools of Sorrow ~ Waves of Joy

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