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The Fury - text


I have searched some answers for this
But in the ehd my life is a mess
We all know what to say and what's wrong
And in the underground wе are lost and gone
I have heard it now and then
Waiting for something to create your end
Wasting my time
Disturbed by a fool
Bleeding (for) and serving a rotten soul

It's coming through
I can't realize what is true
You crazy fucker just leave me alone
What's left inside?
I can't leave it behind
In the end I know it will bring me down

Exclaim your hats
You don't what it's like
Wherever you'll go you will lose your fight
I don't know what the hell went be wrong
You told me the lie
Pretended you where strong
I have been there forever I guess
I feel your hate
It's a fucking mess
Take a look at your pain inside
Can't control yourself
Can't leave it behind

Text přidal DevilDan

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