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Arise-X - Misshaped - text


On our crusade into the modern world
No one thought about the victims
Only for the profit pronaunce all your lies
Prostrate all mankind to be slaves
Starvation of the poor
can`t you see the anger in their eyes
Transcend the borders of destroy
They are not longer victims devour all your sins
There`s no mercy and all what left is hate

Mishaped artifical world morbid ways of assimilation
Mishaped artifical world virtual decay of minds

Nails into your flesh razors slash the skin
Children are born into garbage and blood
Weary for recognize the sense of life
Regular times, regular to turn your eyes away
from the truth
Tear down the borders of Innocence
Modificationed dead organiced life
Born into a prison of Perversation

Text přidala Dioxyde

Videa přidala Dioxyde


Arise-X texty

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