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Can't you see all those lights
When the sun goes down
We're gonna have some fun tonight
We're gonna rock this town
Anytime any place
Ready to get loud
We are standing face to face
Heavy metal crowd

Someone says that we're freaks
Wasting time for shit
We don't care about those pricks
They make our minds sick

All for one - one for all standing here unite
Burning heavy metal souls
Ready for delight

Let me hear you screaming through the night

Metal (metal) hundred tons of metal (metal)
Kick your ass tonight
Metal (metal) tons of heavy metal (metal)
Kick your ass tonight

We're the swarm we're the race
We're the family

That's the way - the way of life
(That) we prefer to live
Let the guitar overdrive
Take away your grief

Hard as steel, hot as hell
Louder than the gun
Heavy metal's our religion
It's the number one
Scream and shout all night long
As loud as you can
There is nothing to go wrong
When you're heavy metal fan

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