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Raise Your Head - text


The bunch of smug assholes
Robbed your clan, raped your soul
Decide your fate behind closed door
You're sick of that bullshit
You're tired, you want to stop it
You don't believe them anymore

Don't believe a word
These are lies, don't trust what they promise
Power of absurd
You should know it's hard to be honest
Be true to yourself
Just open your mind and you'll see
We can't flee

Raise your head
- Stand against the system
Raise your head
- Fight with all your might
Raise your head
- You are not a victim
Raise your head
- Stand and fight for your own rights

They tell us what to do
It looks like good old voodoo
We keep the silence, we obey
They force us to fight for
Their private aims in their wars
We are some pawns in master's games

Revolution seems like solution
But it's always just the same trick
Blood red shower
Victims of power
Brainwash tidings all days a week

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