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Solitude of the Dead - text


...the lady of the dead has commended me
to be your grim shadow in this travel without return
sit under the porch of…solitude of dead
follow me along the gloomy mortuary passages of desperation
creatures of the night request their tribute
for you to arrive to the hall of human torment
give your blood! Give your skin!
Your carnal end has come
Bells voices intone the funeral symphony
We have arrived to the ancient hall of human torment
Your deformed mutilated silhouettes sob laments of pain
Your spiritual end has come
The lady will take you to the hall of eternal dream
Where cycles of life are consumed by darkness
Enter!…ruinous forms of life
Sink forever in immobile eternal solitude
Solitude of the dead…

Text přidal KARI

Video přidal DevilDan

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