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Millenium Funerarium - text


Born into deep millenarian woods
United by the eternal shadow's world
Bastards of heaven and light
Nursed by ancient beings between deep vigil's abyss

We dominate the art of war and suffering
We assume mortality sent by the lifeless queen
We will move with the power of the ancient beings

... Funeral for all human race!!!...

Reddish atmospheres, our ancient masters open the gates
Reddish winds, march of death begins now!!!

Cold wintry moon eclipses sun for all eternity
Desired omens, our punished ground opens deep crevices of pain
Forces of earth unchain all its wrath
Fire's paradise has materialized, our world has been created

...Battle begun!!!...

Human race consumes slowly, funeral for all millenium
Ancient beings will rule over the reign of avenged earth
Our eyes forge tears of glory, our souls are reconciled
A new millenium of darkness becomes true...!!!

Text přidal trasher

Video přidal DevilDan

Cwm Annwn

Argar texty

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